It’s been over thirteen years now since Beyond the Pale came out, starting off The Last Rune, and eight since the series concluded in The First Stone. The years have been going so fast I’d swear someone has been toying with the rune of time. (That wasn’t you, was it, Master Larad?)


The print versions of the books are getting a little harder to find now (unless you peruse the shelves at a used bookstore, of course). But the good news is that all six books are now available in ebook format. Which means that, if you’d like to return to the mystical world of Eldh (or wish to venture there for the first time), you don’t have to step through a magical billboard like Travis, or get lost in a snowy forest and hope for a knight to find you like Grace. Instead, you can simply download the ebook from all of the most popular ebook stores.

For more about the series, check out The Last Rune page. And I’ll be sure to look for you the next time I’m at King Kel’s hall. (You’ll be at the king’s table, I’m sure, not rolling around the floor with the dogs and the wild men. At least I hope so!)